Back in the 1800s, cowboy boots were manufactured mainly from cow skin; however, skins of other animals such as alligator, elk, elephant, snake, buffalo and lizard were also used for this purpose. Back then cowboys used to undertake rough tasks which required them to spend time riding horses in a rough terrain, hence the cowboy footwear were used as a way to protect their feet from the adversities of the harsh environment. In general there are two designs of cowboy footwear, namely, ‘western’ which has a taller boot shaft, and ‘roper’ which has a shorter boot shaft.

The cowboy boots created hundreds of years ago have found their way in today’s fashion scene, as modern designers are manufacturing stylish western footwear. When we talk of fashion and style, women are miles ahead of men, and that’s why it is not surprising that cowboy footwear are getting popular among the fair sex. These days, cowgirl boots are being offered in exciting color ranges and beautiful designs considering the immense demand in female population. Womens cowboy boots are considered to be an effective way to give a classy touch to the personality of the wearer. Meanwhile, TV stars are also playing their part in adding to the western footwear frenzy as they are often seen wearing elegant cowgirl booties in important events.

Originally cowboy footwear were created to be tough so that they can withstand the heat and dust they were exposed to in the Mid West. However, when you set out on purchasing cowboy boots for women, you better make sure that they perfectly fit you or your feet are likely to get injured. You can choose to buy soft leather cowgirl boots so that your feet feel comfortable. As western boots are all about giving you the cool looks you desire, you have to pay attention to the fact that the pair you buy don’t have any visible stitches or signs of glue. Another important point that must not escape your mind is that different people have variable toe sizes. If you have wider toes you can ask specifically for wide front cowgirl boots, and avoid purchasing pointed toe boots.

In the fashion world, the newest trends aren’t always the best to adopt. Cowgirl or western boots for women may be thought of as old, but they’ll surely make you look attractive when you compliment them with a traditional cowgirl dress and some wrinkle creams to make you look younger. Womens cowboy boots also go perfectly well with a tight skirt or jeans and a velvet shirt.

If you have the desire to catch the spotlight in a gathering then you have to show enough confidence to put on cowgirl boots. Despite the fact that western boots have an old history, they are as much as popular today than they ever were. And one last thing about cowboy footwear is that you can safely pay for the highest quality boots, as the investment will be worth it!