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* ALLNURSE - Organic cotton clothing for the Nursing Professional
* CARMANAH LIGHTS - Solar Powered LED Navigation Lights
CONSERVATREE - Environmentally Sound Paper Information
CO-OP AMERICA - Economic Strategies for a Better World
EARTH DREAMS - Environmentally Conscious Products
EARTH SHELTERED HOMES - Performance Building Systems
ECO-CARE INTERNATIONAL - Reduce the consumption of pesticides
ECOCART - Environmental Databases and Resources
ECOCAST - Yptrix Industries
ECOMALL - Ecology America Inc.
ECOMARKET - European Platform for Green Products and Services
* ECONEXUS - Green Procurement Directory
ECOSOURCE - Tree-free paper manufacturer
ECOSTORE - Environmentally friendly products from New Zealand
ECOWEAVE - Great Basics from Recycled Cotton
* ENGINE COOLANT - Environmentally Safe Engine Cooling Systems
* ENVIROMART INC. - Solar, Composting, and Health-Care Appliances
ESPIAL - Environmentally Friendly Home and Personal Care Products
GOOD HEAVENS - Environmentally Conscious Clothing
GREEN CULTURE - On-line Catalog of Environmentally-Friendly Products
GREENDISK - Manufacturer of High Quality Recycled Diskettes
* GREEN MATTERS - The Busy Person's Guide to Greener Living  
GREEN PAGES - Socially and Environmentally Responsible Businesses, Products and Services
GREEN PCs - of Florida
* THE GREEN SHOP - Products for a Sustainable Future
GREENWEAVE - Earth Friendly Products Made From 100% Recycled Fibers
HOME PLANET - Environmental Products, News and Information
JIM MORRIS - Environmental T-Shirt Company
MELALEUCA OIL PRODUCTS - Non-Toxic products for the home
PANGEA - The Vegan Store
* PAPEL DA TERRA - Recycled, Homemade Paper
PATAGONIA - An Environmentally Friendly Manufacturer of Outdoor Clothing
* PERMA-TURF / PERMA-FLEX - Recycled Playground Surface
PLANET INK - 100% organic ink & cotton T-shirts
PLANET NATURAL - Natural Products for Home, Lawn and Garden
PW100 INCORPORATED - Environmental Paper and Printing
* PUREBLAZE - Firelog Products
* RECONSTITUTED TECHNOLOGIES - recycles old railroad crossties
RECYCLINE - Products made from recycled materials
RETHINK PAPER - Non-wood and recycled alternatives to virgin wood-based paper
RPPC - Recycled Products Purchasing Cooperative
SECOND NATURE - Art Made From Recycled Materials
U.S. NON TIMBER FOREST PRODUCTS - Sustainable use of non timber forest products
WEATHER BOS - Environmentally-safe stains, coatings, and paints
* WHARINGTON'S RECOPOLTM PRODUCTS - Sustainable manufacturing with recycled resins
WHEAL-GRACE - Earth Friendly Printing
* YOUR HOME PLANET - Environmental Design Searchable Web Directory
ZUSS.COM - Fashion made from Recycled Rubber



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