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Sheepskin boots have long been used in the coldest regions in the world as a means of keeping warm and protecting the feet and legs from the harmful effects of the biting cold. The special requirements of a cold and dry atmosphere have prompted the early pioneers of footwear to make use of the most commonly available materials.

Wool and other insulating materials from domestic animals were used to produce the comfortable and unique footwear that the world has just been re-acquainted with. Sheepskin boots are a particularly popular choice especially with women and children.


Uggs do not specifically refer to any brand of footwear. Like slippers and “skate shoes”, the term refers to a particular design of boots and low-cut footwear that insulate rather than completely shield the feet from rough terrain.

Even before the automated shoe-making industries came into existence, people have already been using such footwear for their day-to-day needs. If some people produced trusty pairs of shoes with the skins of seals, then many pioneers from China and other cold parts of the world have used wool to their advantage.

Reinvention: from practical to fashionable

The practical uses of ugg boots have already been emphasized. However, such footwear won’t survive to this day if they weren’t fashionable. Using refining techniques such as improved seaming and the use of wonderful dyes to produce different color lines, manufacturers have truly brought the boots to the 21 st century.

Where can one buy ugg boots? On the World Wide Web, they are being made widely available by online merchants through small websites. To make your shopping experience more rewarding, make sure to trust only the long-established websites and small websites that provide adequate information about the company it represents.

Deciding between Uggs and non-Uggs

Buyers should remember that no manufacturer really has a monopoly on the boots. It just so happens that some manufacturers have patented the word “ugg”. So “uggs” is both a common category and a brand. That simply means you have to differentiate between the larger group of footwear and just one brand.

Some brands make use of Australian sheepskin, while some don’t. If we were to base our buying decisions from the location of the manufacturer, then one of the first in the field would be Ugg Australia. However, there are many other brands producing with Australian sheepskin.

The vast horizon

If you’re interested in materials like Merino wool, you can easily find cheap boots produced by manufacturers like Emu boots and Bearpaw. For example, Bearpaw has recently released the Dorado line of shoes for men. You’re sure to find boots that make use of Merino wool in online catalogs such as those that are being given away for free by Bearpaw boots. (jewelry making supplies)

The boots mentioned actually hover between casual and formal appearances; it can be used for just about any occasion. Therefore, the next time you’re chilly and you have a few dollars for a new pair, think of uggs boots and nothing else! There is also a great sale of Ugg Crochet boots now so don't miss it until they are sold old. But the Highkoo Ugg is till in stock and the Ugg Bellvu eare also in stock.! It is fortunate that the Ugg boots are made of sheepskin and not of brick and stone masonry.

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