Over The Knee Boots For Women



Different types of footwear have been featured on the magazines and on runway. Even famous fashion designers are creating their very own styles and varieties. One type of footwear that has gotten the world of fashion gaga is the over the knee boots. Yes, that is right! Imagine you do not get to worry walking on wet or slippery streets. In addition, an added bonus, you do look sexy wearing them though. How cool is that?

Over Knee Boots For Women

Getting that sexy, chic and beauty that you always have wanted for footwear can be found in over knee winter boots. There are different varieties to choose from. First stop is the all-famous leather thigh high boots. What is good with leather is that it feels like your second skin. You do feel secured and yet comfortable to wear them on the streets. Get hold of a pair of thigh high boots that is smooth as well as good quality leather. As for the soles, you can choose to have leather or rubber.

It depends on you. Even leather boots has its own variety. If you want to look chic, opt for classic designs. If you want to look like a rock star, go grab a pair of boots that do have large buckles or leather straps on them. However, if leather is not your cup of tea? Well, let us go to another variety and that is tall boots that is made of suede. Leather footwear do give you that flirtatious look but suede will give you that elegant and classic look you want.

Suede is the perfect pair to wear together with sexy top and skinny jeans. Match it up with a fur coat and off you go! The eyes of the people will be all on you. Aside from looking great in suede, the material is so comfortable to wear and you can wear such pair of boots all day long without wearing anything. You can choose from its variety such as the side zippers or the all buckle up straps.

The last but not the least is the waterproof above knee boots. This is the perfect pair to wear when it is all wet out there yet you want to get out and have fun. This pair will keep your sexy feet all-dry when the weather is all but rainy. In order not to let water get inside your feet, you can choose another variety of waterproof boots that is the full zip or the draw cord collar. If you have chosen the right over knee boots, well you need to test it out first. Walk around on it for a couple of seconds and have a feel. Make sure that the boots are not too tight or not too loose.